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Our Local Suppliers 

Below is a list of some of our fantastic seafood suppliers, without them the shack wouldn't exist.


Bon Ami 

Bon Ami is a creel fishing boat owned by Josh Talbot and Heddle Costie, skippered by Josh with his crewman Dave. The boat goes out daily and fishes for langoustines, lobster, spineys and crab. They use creels/pots to catch their shellfish as sustainable alternative to trawling. 


SRC Seafoods 

Steven owns SRC Seafood, he is our local fish monger who sells white fish and shellfish. We buy all our fresh white fish, smoked fish and mussels from Steven. All the fish is fresh and not frozen, he buys his fish locally for Ullapool as well as travelling to fish markets in the North of Scotland 2/3 times a week ensuring we always have a great supply of fresh fish.

Ockran Oysters 

Joe owns Ockran oysters in Ullapool, he is growing native and pacific oysters off the coast of Ullapool. His oyster are honestly delicious and we're sure that is due to the clean and cold waters of the North West Coast. 

Gary Lewis 

Gary skippers on one of the scallop boats for Hand Dived Highland Shellfish Ltd. This is a hand dived scallop boat apposed to dredging. There is normally a crew consisting of 3 divers, you must always have no less than two people in the water and one on board for safety reasons. The divers can sometimes sleep on the boat and go out for roughly a week at a time. 

Ullapool Smokehouse 

Ian Boyd is the owner of The Ullapool Smokehouse, we buy our hot smoked tout from here, it is delicious! Smoked with honey and whisky it is the perfect combination of flavours for the trout, a lovely fish and a good alternative to salmon. 


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